Paper City Exile

Dan Conway is the founder of Paper City Exile.

As a band, the group collaborated and worked their way through a broad range of modern alternative rock, integrating classic R&B and punk style influences with a new-age indie twist. Jack is now a working musician in Nashville and Zeno is preparing to go to university in Europe. You can read about Dan below.

The door remains open. Who knows what the future holds for Paper City Exile?

In just 2 years they have written and released 2 singles, an EP, and an LP - all original work and available on all media outlets. The music has enjoyed lots of airplay, in the states as well as abroad.

Currently Dan is exploring a solo venture while he finishes up school. He is laser focused on a massive project that's in the works - an as yet untitled EP. He has written and arranged all of the pieces. Now he moves on to production: laying down tracks as well as engineering

You can follow Dan here and at his sub domain

Dan Conway - discography    (subject to edit)

Moxie  2015

Bella  2015

Still Smiling  2015

The Wires  2016

Good Company  2016

Song For Emily  2016

​Watch Your Step  2016

What I Meant  2017

At Home  2017

There She Goes  2017

Take a Hint  2017

Treat Her Right / Brought You Down​  2017